Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a little update!

Molly painted Bree's toe nails, so stinking cute!

These are of Lincoln and Bree watching the Olympics! GO MICHAEL PHELPS!!
So Life has been super busy. I think I took it easy for maybe a week then it was back to real life. My kids have been awesome. Lincoln is doing really well with Kembree and I think he just loves her to pieces. Anytime she starts to cry he is the first one there to give her the binky or to bounce her. He loves to hold her he comes up to us and trys to take her away from myself or Randy, saying "hold momma hold". I am really glad that he has done this well, the only thing that I don't like is he has become SUPER winy, he can't say anything to me with out it coming out as a wine. I'll take this over him being mean to the baby so I guess I'm lucky. Now on to the best baby in the world. Bree is fantastic! She is still sleeping awesome she averages about 7 hours a night! HOORAY!! She has been doing thins for a while now so I don't think its a fluke anymore I think this is just her. She is an angel she has her fussy time at night but if you just hold her and snuggle her she's fine(not that hard to do). I love that she is a cuddly baby, Lincoln NEVER cuddles not even when he's sick, he just likes his space. So I totally missed out on the cuddly first baby but no worries Bree is making up for it!
On to other news my parents have been fantastic and let me finish a room in the basement to turn into a little salon! It is going to be so nice. My mom would always watch my kids while I went to work so now I am just cutting out the middle man. This is going to make my life and my kids life's so much easier. So if you need your hair done call me!
That all that's going on here just keeping busy and life is getting easier with 2 little rug rats, I can actually leave the house by myself now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just for fun!

I love this picture of Kembree, Jill took it and I had to show everybody how stinking cute!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Beautiful Kiddos

I know that every mom thinks that they have the cutest kids....well I do! Here are the newest pictures of them both just click on the links. My cousin Heather took these for me and I absolutely LOVE them! Thanks H!