Sunday, October 21, 2007

So Proud

I am a proud mama. This morning when we were getting ready for church I didn't hear Lincoln so I asked Randy to go and find him, well he came back and said "I'll give you one guess where he is", he was in his room reading books, so Randy sunk in and took some pictures(that's why they are all grainy)! Lincoln is a VERY busy boy so it is nice to see him go and play quietly all by himself, he has always loved books, even when he was itty bitty he loved to look at them so it's not a huge shocker that he would do this, it was just super cute and I had to share!

Monkey See Monkey Do

I didn't realize that I was on the computer that much. I guess Lincoln wanted to see what the big fuss was about!

Monday, October 15, 2007

How many Licks?

This is the story of a poor little sucker and the boy that loved him!

Wrong hand pal!
We start our Journey in side,yikes I know it didn't last long! Playing with blocks while enjoying his sucker!
We made it outside and yes the bib is necessary! He is throwing rocks and not missing a beat with that sucker!
Now he runs up and down the sidewalk, make sure you don't loose it!
Check out those bugs! In the one below you can see all the dirt and grass that the sucker has collected, protein right?

This is all that was left of the poor little sucker! But he served his purpose well!

My Little Picasso!

So once again I didn't take my camera camping, but I am still going to post pictures so don't worry! On Thursday we went to Green River with Randy's family. We went 4wheeling-big surprise I know-but there were little sand dunes and red rock that made riding really nice! Lincoln has learned to hold on to the motorcycle so know he loves it when Randy takes him on the motorcycle! I have to say Lincoln is a Burr thru and thru not only does he look just like Randy but he love 4wheelers and motorcycles, just like his daddy :) But we had a really nice time and it was good to spend time with his brothers and sisters!
Update on Lincoln besides him being so ridiculously cute he is smart too! Good looks and brains the boy has got it all! He has new words he says "OG" for dog and "OOK" for look! I love hearing him talk..or try to! It is so much fun! He is also a Picasso. He has started taking my pen and paper from me and colors all over so I got him some crayons and paper of his own, now he is creating beautiful works of art! We will have a silent online auction in 1 week to sell some of his originals! Just kidding! It is nice to find things that he likes to do so this is a huge milestone!

I love the little table and chairs they are the perfect size for Lincoln! Randy's Grandma gave them to us and they are amazing!

Monday, October 1, 2007

World least thats what it felt like

So we just got back from Arizona where we got to see Nica and go to a cousins wedding. It took us 12 hours to get there, we went the Vegas way and I swear it takes longer! We left at 2:00 in the am and got to Nica's school (smelling like vomit,dirty diaper, and car) at about 1:00 her time, we saw some of her students and hung out for like 10 min for obvious reasons..thank goodness they were baking brownies! We went to the Zoo, swam, ate at IN and OUT (yes it is better and cheaper than Chadders) twice. We got to go to my cousin Kelly's wedding and see a bunch of Castle cousins that we never get to see. We basically just hung out it was so much fun to go down and play with our favorite Aunt Nica! LOVE YA!
Some new things that we learned about Lincoln this trip were that he LOVES SHREK! Both 1 and 2 not the best movie for a little kid, but whatever keeps him happy! He is starting to talk a little now his new favorite thing to say, and mine as well is "no mom"! Its what every mom wishes her child's firsts words were! Last but not least, cough syrup knocks him out for about 8 hours. WA HOO! Its the best on a 12 hour car ride! So that was Arizona...oh I almost forgot we drove thru Colorado was awesome!
So now for California. I went to Cali for a girls trip with my sis in-law Jenette and some of her friends, we went and saw Wicked and shopped the whole time! Wicked was awesome we had good seats and the cast was AMAZING! I love wicked I would marry it if I could! Then we went shopping and while Jenette and I went to VS to get a bra the rest of our group went into the quicksilver store and who should walk in but non other than Zac Efron, from High School Musical and Hairspray, and his Girl friend Vanessa...the one who sends naked photos over the Internet-just a little side note NEVER send naked photos of yourself, we don't want to see it, and yes everyone will find out if you do, KARMA people, KARMA.
So those are the grand adventures of the last two weeks I didn't take very many photos so sorry! Maybe I'll post more later in the week!