Saturday, June 13, 2009

The First of Many

We had a couple of "firsts" in our house this last week or so. Our first black eye not on my little boy but my sweet little princess. Bree fell off the couch at a friends house and she hit a toy or something, and she just bawled and bawled but the next morning she looked like this. She just might end up being a handful!
Last night we were at a BBQ and our friends house(not the same as Bree's but close.....hmmm maybe we need new friends ;)) and all the kids were playing really well they were jumping on the tramp and riding bikes and going down a Little Tykes Baby slide, and that is what Lincoln jumped off and broke his arm. I don't know how it happened because I had my back to him, like any good mother would. We went to the dr. office and they put it into a splint then we went to the hospital and had it x-rayed. He was such a good boy when we had to turn his arm in all the painful positions for the x-ray he would cry for a sec then talk to me about what happened,"I got my arm hurt" and "Nica kicked the slide" thank goodness we had Nica there to save the day! He kept saying "my arms alive, see mom" then he would wiggle his other hand, then he would ask "my arm dead mommy?" it was so funny! so now we just wait for the hard cast and a super awesome summer!
By the way I have NEVER broken a bone, and I don't think Randy has a bone left that HASN'T been broken. Just another sign that the only thing I gave my kids was the womb.

Beware of Pirates

Lincoln had his first friend party. It was so cute and so fun. We had them come in and we dressed them up as pirates, with a sword, patch and tattoo. Then we played "pin the hook on the Captain". Hayley was so cute and drew a Captain for him. We had a pinata, treasure hunt, walk the plank, cake and presents. I think the kids had a ball and Lincoln was in heaven having all his friends over to his house!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Holy Cow~

My little boy is 3! Today is the day that he has been waiting for. I hope it's a good birthday for him. Today's activities will consist of a movie with some friends, and family (we're going to UP)
lunch of his choice and his favorite dinner, I'm not sure what that is yet so it will be interesting to find out! Then we are having a little family party with presents and cake! Now in true blog fashion I am going to brag to all of you why I think Lincoln in the best 3 year old in the whole world!
1. He is SO SO sweet. He gives EVERYBODY hugs. He is especially sweet to his little sister, the only time he is not so nice is when I have to wake him up from a nap, however, if Bree wakes him up he is SO happy! I love this about him. Along with sweet is how much he LOVES his family. Not just me Randy and Bree, but all his cousins and his Nica and Moldy. He gets so excited to see anyone of them/us.
One day after watching Tarzan he came up to me and said "best friends mom", I said "Yha we're best friends", then he puts his hand up like to give me 5, and said "No, best friends like Tarzan" so I put my hand palm to palm with his and he laughed and ran away. SO CUTE!
Right after we had him Randy and I were talking about the kind of man we wanted him to be and one of the big things is that I want him to be nice and compassionate, just like Randy. So far so good!
Now he's not so sweet 100% of the time and who knows if he will always be like this, but this is the #1 thing I love about my little boy!
2. He is helpful, he gets things for me when I ask.
3. He LOVES LOVES LOVES his "Mogercycle" aka his bike. My dad got one of those cool bikes that doesn't have any pedals, it is supposed to help kids learn how to balance, so they are supposed to go from this right onto a normal bike. Well Lincoln is really good on it he will push is feet then coast for 30sec. So we got him a "real" bike and we are going to test it out and see if it works! Hopefully he will be riding a 2wheeler by the end of the week!
4. He loves puzzles. He is so good at puzzles it is kind of awesome to watch.
5. He answers to "Babe". I was calling for Randy and he answered :)
6. When I tuck him into bed he asks me to "talka me mommy". So I will go and lay next to him and we talk about his day and what we are doing tomorrow.
7. He totally rocks in his tumbling class!
There are SO many things I love about my little baby boy, and I can't imagine a better way to start out our family. My kids have the BEST BIG BROTHER! Love you Lincoln