Thursday, May 8, 2008

It's all about MOLLY!!

So it's that time of year..GRADUATION!!! Our sweet little pookey bear is graduating! HOORAY!! We are all so proud of her and all that she has done! Look how smrt-homer-she is, she is graduating with silver cords meaning she has a GPA of 3.6-3.79, she has finished her Medical Assisting program at MATC-she gets to walk there also. She is a Seminary graduate. She has never had a speeding ticket although she has had an accident, Don't worry folks she wasn't even in the car! I am sorry to report that she has never been kissed. If you know of someone to fix this let us know...ASAP! But the best part of all is that she gets to go to BYUI in January. We are all going to miss her like crazy but we are so excited for all the fun she is going to have.

So now we need your help out there in blog land. Remember when you were getting ready to leave the nest, what things did you take with you and what things do you wish you would have taken? Or maybe there is one thing that you could not have lived with out? Tell us what these are and if you have any advice or suggestions for little Molly.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun on the Farm

So it wasn't really a farm, but it seems like lately that is all that we have been doing. We went to the petting zoo last Saturday and then again on Monday, On Tuesday we spent the day at Randy's Grandma's house which is an old cow farm. Then yesterday we took Lincoln to his Grandpa Burr's house and rode the horse with a saddle then hookedthe horse up to the buggy and went on a few buggy rides. It makes since that Lincolns favorite animal is a horse, there are 6 that live just outside his window and every morning it's the first thing he wants to see and the last thing when we put him down for bed. When we get in the car the first thing he says is "mo mo neigh, mo mo neigh", so I tell him to look out the window and he will see more horses (a bonus of living where we do). He is watching 101 Dalmatians right now and I just heard him say "neigh neigh" because of the horse, I tell you obsessed! It is a good thing that Randy's dad has Nellie, she's the horse, so that Lincoln can get his fix of horses. Look at his face! How excited is he to be on that horse! These pictures all came from my grandpa, because he is awesome and brings his camera everywhere so , thanks grandpa!