Monday, September 15, 2008

Bree's Blessing

Check out those cheeks! Couldn't you just squeeze them?
Well after a fun night we blessed our little baby girl on Sunday. She looked so beautiful. She got a very special and wonderful blessing from her dad and she was surrounded by so may people that love her. One of the things that I was so special was her dress. It is all hand made and is 52 years old. It now has blessed 3 generations in my family. My mom, myself , my two sisters and now by beautiful baby girl have all been blessed in it! I hope that it holds out for some of my grand kids!
It was a beautiful day and after the blessing we went to the park and had a nice lunch and enjoyed the company of both of our families! This is what Lincoln did the whole time, tackle Tyson!

Go Cougars and Male Nurses!!

We have had a CRAZY weekend as usual. It seems like I can never get on top of things, I keep waiting for life to slow down but it never does I guess this is what life is like as you get older. My parents gave us tickets to the football game so Randy, Lincoln and I went . This was Lincolns first game it was so fun to watch him and see how curious he was about everything. He was obsessed with Cosmo he kept pointing to him and wanted to go see him. We left Bree with my mom and dad, so she had some quality bonding time!

Later that night I was putting Bree to bed and I noticed that she was really hot so I took her temp. and it was 101, not super high, but she is just 2 months old. I called the on call Dr. and he suggested that we take her to the ER. Lincoln was sick the week before so I just figured that she got what he had, but we took her. When they took her temp at the hospital it was 104 (YIKES!!!) So I was super glad that we were in the hospital for that. They started to run all sorts of test on her, blood, urine, and an x-ray. After many painful pokes in many painful areas of her body, they were only able to get enough urine for a culture(the most important I guess). They did get a good blood sample and all that came back fine. So now it's 12:00am and we still have no idea why my little girl has such a high fever. The Dr. runs into our "room" (corner of the hospital with tissue paper separating us from the woman who just had gastric bypass and has dry heaves and can't stop talking about it and the woman who looks like she got in a cage fight, and lost) and very frantically ask how old our baby is, um she is still 8 weeks just like her chart says, Well that changes everything. WHAT how did you knot know how old your patient was?!?! I know she's a big baby but COME ON! Any way he tells us that because none of the the test are coming back with anything we need to do a spinal tap. So we agree to that and they try to do it with her awake. Didn't happen she was to wiggly so they sedated her and tried again, after 10 pokes in her back they gave up. I guess it was just to difficult for then to get anything out. So they gave us the option of admitting her, because we still have no idea why she has a fever, or we can take her home after they give her a shot of antibiotic to last till Monday. So we take out poor little beat up baby home at 2:30 am all to bless her at church the next day (note the earlier post). I took her into her regular Dr. this morning and they got the results of her urine culture, and it appears that she has a kidney infection. So now she is on more antibiotics and has to go and have more test run to make sure it's not more serious. Now we wait and hope that this is just a one time deal! She is doing much better now and is asleep as I post. I have to say I am so impressed with the Nurses that were there that night. Every single person who handled her was so compassionate and concerned for her, they comforted her while she was getting poked over and over and over again. All of her nurses were male and fantastic!
Ouch! Poor baby!

Friday, September 5, 2008


So anybody with a boy knows that they come as boys. What I mean is nobody teaches them these things like burping, scratching/playing with themselves, picking their nose or a scab, they are just born this way. So today we are watching cartoons on my bed and I watch Lincoln pick his nose, check out the booger then eat it, all while I yell "no no no", if that wasn't bad enough he looks over at me burps in my face and laughs! WHAT?!?
Boys are gross.
P.s I asked Lincoln to burp for me and this is what I got!