Sunday, September 16, 2007

Nothing Going On YET.....

So I am kinda bored with our post right now. I guess it is because nothing big or fun has happened in the last little bit. I was reading Lindsey's blog and she posted about strapping her kids down and getting mad at them for making a mess. Then I thought about it, Hey I do that ALL THE TIME! Except I don't get so mad at Lincoln for making a mess I don't have the "clean gene" that those Bullock girls got. LOVE YA LINNY!! So I have realized that I can post about anything not just the super cool fun things we do. Don't worry this rambling will happen only this week because next week I am going to CA to see WICKED! I am so excited. Then the weekend after that we are going to AZ to see the Nica Bomb and for my cousins wedding. So I am sure I will go post crazy then and rub it in on how cool Wicked is the second time around! BOO-YA! Here are some funny pictures of Lincoln for all of you who miss him!I don't know why he was so sad but Randy took this picture and I thought it was so funny! How sad is that face? These are of Lincoln all ready for his bike ride! LOTOJA 2027!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Petting Zoo!

We went to Thanksgiving Point to the petting zoo and had so much fun! Lincoln was so brave!he fed chickens and the pigs! We put him on the pony ride and at first he was totally scared but slowly he warmed up to the pony! When the ride ended he pulled on the horses mane to try and get it to start walking again! Hopefully he won't be afraid of animals much longer!

This is at the beginning of the ride Randy had to hold on to him then by the end he held on all by himself!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend!

We went camping this weekend with Jared and Jenette to Monticello. It was so much stinking fun we rode 4-wheelers and played in the dirt! Lincoln had so much fun! And as you can clearly see he loves the taste of dirt, as every little boy should! I love that he is exploring and being adventurous! He played hide and seek with Tyson! Ty would go and run and "hide" and then say "Bink, come on Bink" and then Lincoln would go find him and laugh and then they would do it all over again. What fun little buddies! They also had fun watching Cars and Tarzan together. Even though they are 18months apart they are still best little buddies!

Tyson is "hiding"....................Lincoln is "seeking"

This is on top of sime huge mountain overlooking Blanding. This was a tough ride we left camp at 1:30 and didn't get back until 5:30! I was amazaed we made it back at all! Just kidding it was tons of fun! And the best part is lincoln now knows how to drink out of a Camel Pack! We really had a lot of fun camping and we are glad that Jared and Jenette like us enough to take us!