Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glad thats over!

Well my sweet little baby FINALLY made it here all safe and sound. I say finally but compared to Lincoln she took the express train. I am a big believer in second babies. First off I was in labor for 22 hours with Link and only 6 with Kembree. I pushed for 20 min with Link, not bad I'll admit however I only pushed for 10 SECONDS with Kembree. She is such a fantastic baby she sleeps like she's getting paid for it. She hardly ever cries and Lincoln just loves her. He is always wanting to hold her and makes sure she has her Bink, he kisses her and puts his face right up in hers and says "hi,hi,hi,hi" in the same type of high pitched voice we all use around new babies it is so funny. I don't think we could have asked for a better baby she is our little angel and we love her, she was worth it!
I am trying to figure out how to do anything with two kids. I went to go see my good friend who had her baby on Monday and I got home and I cried for like 10 min. I hope that goes away. So all we have done this last little while is stay home or wait till Randy or my mom can go with us places. We did go to the Owls baseball game on Thursday and we had a blast. Lincoln loved the game he was wanting Randy to tell him what all the guys were doing and got so excited when they hit the ball, he really had fun. Kembree did awesome! She woke up for me to feed her and the for the fireworks! Awesome baby!
Life has been a little crazy and I hope we all adjust well to 2 kids, so far so good! Thank you to everyone and all the super nice thing you said about my little baby. I think she is beautiful and we just love her to pieces! So here are some fun pictures, mostly of us just dressing up Kembree...and by us I mean me and my MOTHER!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

She is Here!!!

Hello World!! Kembree Dee Burr arriving at 8lbs 6oz and 19 1/2 inches long!
Look at those curls!!!! So cute!!!
Big Brother, Lincoln loves his baby sister but is a little weary of his mom's hospital bed. Baby is just sweet as ever and they are calling her Bree. She has amazing little locks of curls and light brown hair.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wish me Luck!

So here it is my final post as a mother of one. I have an appointment at 7:00 at the hospital to have this baby. I realize that after my last post I should be jumping for joy and running through the neighborhood yelling "HOORAY". I am all those things but I am also a whole new bunch of other things. I am nervous about how the day is going to go, if she will be healthy and how healthy(not looking forward to another 8lb. 10oz). I wonder how our lives will change and how the tree of us will handle it. Mostly it's Lincoln, I really hope that he adjust well I have a good feeling about it but I could be high on adrenaline right now. Well wish me luck and nothing will be posted until after we get home because Randy has no idea how to blog.
And for your viewing pleasure.....................(Amy you totally inspired me!)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A little update.....WARNING!

* A little warning on this post. If you are Pregenant or want to be and think it is an awesome amazing expirence, you may not want to read on. I warned you!

So I am officially 38wks. today and am just waisting time until I have my LAST dr. appointment. I am going to use this time to rant and rave about how great I think being pregnant it. It's not it SUCKS! And I don't even get sick, I can't imagine being you girls that throw up 900 times a day and still have to take care of more kids. I may not get sick but boy do my hormones go BANANAS. Even before we knew I was pg I was all snippy at Randy. I remember one night he said "man you better be pregnant" and that was to the beginning, so you can only imagine what type of beast I am right now. Let me just say WATCH OUT! On a little side note what is it with family members trying and wanting to push your buttons? I mean it's like looking at a kid with crutches and going over and tripping him, just because you can and you think it's funny. Does it look like being pregnant is easy? Do you say to yourself "hey I don't think they are going through enough I think I'll try and ruffle her feathers a little bit more"....Oh you know who you are and someday it will come back to bite you in the butt. I will admit that I am mentally unstable, however what is your excuse?
Now on to why this is so fun for the physical aspect. My legs look like tree trunks. I saw a profile picture of my legs and I wanted to cry and then cut them off. How about rolling over in bed and night? We all know how fun that is, it's like trying to move a beached Forget bending over, it's just not pretty. Speaking of pretty how do you like the pregnancy mask and age spots, what about the nose that spreads and the black hair that pops out of my head? How about spider veins and varicose veins? I'M ONLY 26!! THIS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!!!
So all in all if my family is still speaking to me after this baby then we will consider it a success.
On a happy note, I know that the moment I do FINALLY see this silly little girl-that still does not have a name- of mine I know that it will all be worth it. And God did do one favor for us women, he helps us forget.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


This last week my parents took us to Breckenridge Colorado for a little vacation. It was AWESOME! The weather was perfect, it was warm with a nice crisp mountain breeze. We did tons of fun stuff, the not so super fat people rode down Vail pass on bikes, while I drove the car down the mountain and met them back at the condo. We spent the last day at Copper Mountain, where I learned how to ski(first and last time that I have ever been skiing) this was by far the best day we rode up the chair lift and had lunch at the top of the mountain, we did bumper boats, Lincoln LOVED this, there was a rock wall and go carts, all in all it was a super fun crazy day full of tons to do! The only sad thing was Lincoln fell off the top bunk bed and chipped his front tooth, not a ton but it makes me sad everytime I see it (most people can't even tell unless they look really hard).
I forgot how much I love Colorado! It is so beautiful and the best part is I feel right at home, almost like I never left. Thanks Mom and Dad for the awesome vacation.
I think he is a little scard to ride down Vail pass!
We like to call him King Lincoln!

Working Hard or Hardly Working?!?

This past month we helped my parents paint there house! Holy Cow what a job! It took me and my mom 4 days to get the job done, but it looks awesome!