Sunday, January 18, 2009

The OCD Dress

So here is the story behind this dress. I got the cutest dress from my aunt for Bree it was brown with white polka dots it was so cute. Well she grew out of it so I needed to find another dress just as cute so we went to Carters (because that is where she got the brown dress) to pic,k out a new dress. We found the cutest dresses the white one with the red sparkly shrug then this dress. I got it in 9months so Bree could wear it for a while right, she was 4 months at the time, WRONG. We put them on her and they fit her perfectly. So I had to go back and exchange them for a 12 month, for my 4 month old. So I called up there to see if they had a 12month and they were all out so I called all the stores in the state all out, so I called all the surrounding states nothing, finally one guy told me to try a warm state so I called FL. and they had one! I was going to have my cousins sis-in law pick it up for me, but they mailed it for 5$ instead of the 25 I had originally thought. I was so excited to get this dress after all the trouble I had gone through to get it. So about a week later I was up at the outlet returning the one I had originally bought and they had one in 12 months for 10$ cheaper than what I had paid for it. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
But I do love this dress!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We had a really awesome Christmas!

What had a FANTASTIC trip to Mexico this year, it was by far my favorite year ever! The weather was perfect we were camped on the beach, and the beach was amazing the water was warm, with zero side current I might add. I actually got in and boogie boarded I haven't done that in like 4 years but I think I got in the water almost everyday. We played fun card games and watched a bunch of movies on the big screen went out to eat at Tacolania, yummmy! Randy's mom came with us, it was her first time and she picked the best year to go. I did accidentally burn Bree one day, I forgot to put sunscreen on her, but she was under the umbrella I guess that doesn't protect her much. Lincoln LOVED the beach he played and played and played! Some of his favorite things included digging a hole(just like Randy) playing botchie ball, running around with Elias and splashing in the waves! We went to a baseball game and both of my kids fell asleep and we were on the JUMBO TRON! Lincoln caught a few waves and Bree was the cutest baby in all of Mexico, we could not walk more than 5 feet at any given time with out someone coming up to her and rubbing her feet, arms cheeks you name it they LOVED her. I naturally agree that she is the cutest thing ever! I know there are lot of pictures so enjoy our little vacation!