Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here we are again

So I will not bore you with all my totally reasonable excuses as to why I have not blogged, I'm going to just jump right on in and fill your Burr cup up!
This year has been kinda crazy. We got an offer on our home in February and about 3 weeks later the buyers no longer qualified for a loan, that was a HUGE disappointment. However about a month later we got another offer on our home, a better offer, so all of April I was a HUGE stress case hoping it would all work out. It did and now we are officially homeless and living with my parents. It is not as bad as you all think, I have 2, yes 2 live in babysitters. They have a hot tub, a nice yard and deck for my monsters to play on and they live in one of the best neighborhoods around. Don't be to fooled we are actively looking for a new home and a bigger mortgage!
Bree is a almost 2 and she is a little monster! I just have to keep saying "it's just a phase, it's just a phase". She is however the funniest girl in the world, I think she has a bigger vocabulary than Lincoln!
Lincoln is so big he just finished his first year of Preschool and can write his name all by himself, our goal for this summer is his bike, we will see how it goes!