Friday, August 27, 2010

Lincoln Turns 4

Because of Jennicas wedding we decited to delay Lincoln's birthday for a couple of weeks, I thought that we are just going to do something really low key, no big deal just have friends over and slip and slide and just play. WHY!!! I am so dumb anytime you invite 12 four year olds it's NOT low key, but I think the birthday boy had a lot of fun, and that's why we do these crazy things right. Let me tell you some of the AMAZING things about Lincoln and then I will post all the craziness.
Lincoln is 42lbs and 42" tall, funny huh.
He has amazing eyes and eyelashes, he has sandy blond hair and the cutest little face I have ever seen! Lincoln is SO nice he is everything I want a little boy to be. Lincoln has told us that when he grows up he wants to be a "Chefer", ie a Chef. He is kinda crazy at times but he has the most tender little heart. Sometimes when we are leaving a store I will tell Kembree that I am going to leave her (because she NEVER listens) and Lincoln will get all sad and say, "Kembree come on, hurry please", like I would actually leave her but it is way more traumatic to him than it is to her. Lincoln Loves his little sister so much, I watch him with her and he is so kind and loving to her, he teases her plenty but that's what big brothers do. We feel truly lucky to have Lincoln as our first and as the best big brother. We love him stinking much!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

All for me

So here it is the first time that I am posting where this blog is all about me and my kids. Who are super crazy by the way. So first item of business, we got a building lot. I guess this is the road that we are going to go down. When we first saw the lot we both knew it was different and we were super excited right from the start. We took Loye Ann and Frosty to see it and one of the neighbors came out and talked to us and told us how awesome the street is and how there are little kids everywhere, which we are so excited about. We really wanted a neighborhood that has alot of kids and families, but not ones where everyone is our age we wanted a little diversity, I hope that this is the place.
Now we need to find some house plans, Scott and Carrie Neil offered to help us design a house, so that means that our home will be 100% custom, are we ready for that? I guess we are very specific in our needs and so maybe this is the best way to go. I am excited for the challenges and the excitement that we will have over the next couple of months. I guess we will see how it goes, jumping in with both feet!
oh and PS Randy and I are going to Alaska at the end of the month, why? Because we can!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

So here it is

The last little while I have been thinking about what I want of this blog and like most people, I want it to be a journal of our happenings and funny things about my kids. However I have noticed that I am not doing that, but the reasons that I haven't are not because I am lazy or don't have enough time, it's that I feel like it is way to personal of information to have on the web. So I am making this blog private, as in for my eyes only. I think that I will be able to have a more honest accurate journal for my family, and that is what this is about right? So if you want to know whats going on with me and my fam, give me a call I'd love to hang out with you!