Saturday, July 18, 2009

Habby Birthday Baby Girl!

What a difference a year makes!

I guess it's typical to feel like this last year has flew by, but it makes me sad all the same. My little girl is now a toddler, she toddles, no walking just toddling. She had been the best little girl, she has so much personality (we might be in trouble) but she is so sweet and loving. She loves it when you tell her how beautiful she is, we tell her ALL the time. She loves Lincoln SO much. They are the cutest little besties.
So for her first birthday we had a whole day of fun planned out. We went to the Gateway Mall to get her ears pierced, the to lunch and then to Build-a-Bear (we were going to do the fountain but we ran out of time), then we had her party at the park with family and friends.
I was super nervous for her to pierce her ears, but I was worried for no reason all she did was flinch, no crying nothing just a flinch. I love the before and after pictures, she is so scared in the before but she was loving it after! She is totally a girly girl!



We love our little Bree so much, she is so fun to have, SO......

Happy Birthday Kemmie Bear!