Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Christmas

I love having a girl, holiday dresses are so fun! (This is not my OCD dress,I'll blog about that later but for those of you who already know about the OCD dress this is not it, this is it's sister)
So I know that I have a had a big drought in the blogging area but as you all know it is so crazy at Christmas time, the first week of December we had 5 parties in a row! That is insane. Lincoln got to meet Santa 3 times and has opened presents every other day this month it's like Christmas is all month long! So we have been a very busy bunch plus Santa came early to our non decorated house(we don't even have a tree.) that didn't seem to bug him one bit. So here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pictures from that day. Look pig tails and pony tails, this is a proud day for me! Merry Christmas everyone! Have a fun and safe holiday and nobody better have their baby early!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Super Cute Sunday

So cute! If you can see the bruise on Lincoln's head, it wasn't because I hit him, he fell out of the shopping cart at Wal-mart and that is where he landed. Poor baby!
This was the first Sunday that she wore shoes and a little clippie in her hair. I love how rollie pollie her arms are they look like a bunch of marshmallows glued together!
P.S Thanks Holly for the cute outfit!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The best thing that ever happened

Happy Four Year Anniversary Babe! Love Ya!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fastest Four months of my life

Well it has happend my little baby is 4 months old. I can't believe it, where does the time go. On one hand it feels like I just had her then on the other I can't remember life without her. If you are not one of the lucky ones who get to be around her all the time, let me fill you in on what you are missing out on. She is first off so so beautiful she has cheeks that make you want to kiss them all over and then pinch them cuz' there just so dang chubby, if that doesn't put a smile on your face then just tell her how beautiful you think she is and she lights right up, that will get you grinning for sure. Her hair...ohhh I love her hair it is so curly and it's growing! Hopefully she will have hair like me (my hair was down to my shoulders at 9 months that is amazing)! She is a happy baby, she coos and laughs all day long. One of her favorite things is Lincoln, the two of them could go on for hours just laughing at each other, it definitely makes my heart melt. She loves her blankie and I love that about her, if she is sad you just give it to her and she rubs it in between her chubby little fingers and suddenly everything is all right. Last but not least the best thing about my little Bree is that she sleeps through the night and has for the last 2 months! BOO YA!

This little girl is my angel and I can't believe how much I love her. If you haven't got the chance to meet her you are missing out on one amazing little girl thank goodness I have her for forever so you will all get a chance eventually!

Note to self: must read when she is 2 and all she can say is "NO", then again when she is 6 and turning into a brat, then again at 12 when brat mode is in full swing, at 16 when "oh my gosh he is so cute and my mom is such a nerd", how about 18 when she can't wait to get out of the house cuz they are 18 and can do what ever they want, even vote. Hopefully at 21 I wont have to read this again HOPEFULLY my angel baby will be back!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Finally

So all of our October activities started with the pumpkin patch behind our house. One night for FHE we went out and Lincoln got to pick out what pumpkin he wanted, we never actually carved it, it had just sad on our porch, sad pumpkin. I don't have any pictures of this next one so I'll just tell you. Randy decided that he wanted to do LOTAJA with my dad and brothers next year, well he doesn't have a bike or any other riding accessorises so I thought that since his bday is in December and gets kinda smashed in with Mexico and Christmas, that we would just celebrate it 2 months early in October (plus I finally knew what to get him). So we had a little party for him went out to eat and he got a new bike so he was really excited about that and it was really fun to surprise him I don't get to do that very often.

Next we had a family party (sorry no pics) but it was so much fun Randy's sister Carol puts it on every year and we always have so much fun! Then we had our ward party and Lincoln was a cowboy and Bree was a kitty, Lincoln threw a fit putting on his chaps but finally after we forced them on him and ignored him for 20 min he must have forgot they were there.
What mean parents.

On Halloween we went to the farm at T.Point for Lincoln's BFF Jack's b-day. It was nice because there was nobody there and the weather was awesome so we just let the kids roam around and feed all the animals. It was a really fun b-day party.

Who doesn't love a boy that can handle a horse? I have decided that he was a bull rider with his long chaps! Next we hit the road to do the grandparent thing. After that we had a fun party at my mom and dads house. We had fun treats and watched the HULK . Lincoln and Cloter got to have a sleepover at g-mas house. I was told that after they put Lincoln to bed they heard noises downstairs and went to find out what it was, it was Lincoln at 11:30 playing with toys, I guess he wasn't ready for bed yet! Now we are ready for snow and all the holidays bring it on!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Girls Trip and Boys Trip

So it seems that we really are out and about a lot lately, must be that we are making up for the summer. This last weekend I went to Rexburg or the "Burg" (I know I'm so cool) to help Molly look for an apartment and just get her acquainted with the campus! So while me, Kembree, my mom and Molly were up in Idaho Randy took Lincoln down south to ride 4wheelers with his family. Naturally there are no pictures of them because I had the camera, and Randy isn't the best at taking pictures anyway. I do know that they had SO much fun All Lincoln could talk about on Monday was "cycles" and FUN, so I know that they had a blast!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Las Vegas

This last weekend we went to see Randy's sister Brenda. She has this fantastic house in Vegas with the best swimming pool! It has a beach entrance so Lincoln could just run in and run out all he liked, it was so much fun! Randy's other sister Kristi and her family met us down there and Lincoln got to play with Lucy, who is a few months older than Lincoln. They are cute little friends but they are both definitely 2. Brenda has a house boat on Lake Meade, awesome right? We spend all Saturday on her boat, had lunch, road the wave runner lounged in the sun and had a wonderful time! It was really nice to get away for a little R&R!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cascade Springs

I was all motivated to hike up to the cave on Saturday but when we got up there it was a fee free day so all the tickets were sold out. Instead we went up to Cascade Springs and walked around. Lincoln liked to look at the fish and most of all he loved to run around, which is why he is pouting he was in time-out! We went home via Heber and Granny's Drive Thru, YUMMY!

This is the first time I was at Cascade Springs, my engagement photos, awww cute! I think I am wearing the same pants, weird but maybe true!

Last day Swimming

I love swimming, and I don't know if it's because for two summers I was pregenant and getting into the water felt SO nice...or put me into labor, but I LOVE IT! So it was a super depressing day when we went to a pool closing party at Emily's Grandmas house. The pool was warm and the air was cold but it was the best. Enjoy the cute pictures.